The following is a recommended reading list for USS Wahoo:

Wake of the Wahoo
By Forest J. Sterling
1999 R.A.Cline Publishing
by Richard H. O'Kane
1987 Presidio Press
Unrestricted Warfare
By James F. DeRose
2000 John Wiley & Sons
War Fish
By George Grider as told to Lydel Sims
1958 Little, Brown and Company
Submarine Wahoo
By Gary Davis
1994 Crestwood House

Additional books containing passages on Wahoo:

United States Submarine Operations in World War II
By Theodore Roscoe
1949 United States Naval Institute

By Edward L. Beach
*1952 Henry Holt and Company

Hellcats of the Sea
By Charles A. Lockwood
1956 Greenberg

Silent Victory
By Clay Blair, Jr.
1975 J. B. Lippincot Company

War Under the Pacific
By Keith Wheeler
*1981 Time-Life Books

U.S. Submarines in World War II
An Illustrated History
By Larry Kimmett & Margaret Regis
1996 Navigator Publishing