Upon WAHOO's return to Pearl Harbor, Captain Kennedy submitted his War Patrol report.  In it he claimed the sinking of one freighter:
  • KEIYO MARU class; 6,500 tons - September 20, 1942
    Although this sinking was credited to WAHOO, Kennedy's actions during the patrol came under harsh review by ComSubPac.  He was taken to task for missing other attack opportunities, most significantly the seaplane tender CHIYODA and the aircraft carrier RYUJO.  Admiral English's endorsement was blunt; "A successful attack on the RYUJO would have had far reaching results and it is unfortunate that the WAHOO failed to press home an attack in this instance".
    Following the cessation of hostilities, a joint assessment committee made up of Army and Navy personnel, JANAC for short, began sifting through the Japanese operational records in an attempt to compile their merchant and man-of-war losses.  This research, first published in 1947, yielded more bad news for WAHOO's tally.  The committee, which contained no submariners in its ranks, failed to find evidence that corroborated the sinking of September 20, 1942.  As a result the victory was stricken from WAHOO's official Navy combat record.