For his first patrol in command of WAHOO, Captain Morton reported sinking the following ships:
  • 1 destroyer (ASASHIO Class) - 1500 tons
  • 1 freighter (DAKAR MARU Class) - 7160 tons
  • 1 freighter (ARIZONA MARU Class) - 9500 tons
  • 1 tanker (MANZYU MARU Class) - 6520 tons
  • 1 transport (SEIWA MARU Class) - 7210 tons
                                                            TOTAL: 31,890 tons

    ComSubPac endorsed his claims and Morton received credit for sinking five ships.  However, JANAC's post-war assessment was much less generous.  The destroyer claimed as sunk had been, in fact, beached.  She was eventually repaired and returned to combat only to be sunk at a later date.  The available Japanese records provided conclusive evidence for the following ships sunk during the January 26 convoy battle:

  • BUYO MARU, transport, 5300 tons
  • FUKUEI MARU, freighter, 2000 tons
  • "Unknown MARU", freighter, 4000 tons
                                      TOTAL: 11,300 tons

    For their performance on this patrol Captain Morton was awarded a Navy Cross and WAHOO received a Presidential Unit Citation. In addition, Morton was awarded the Army Distinguished Service Cross by General Douglas MacArthur.

Navy Cross ribbonPresidential Unit Citation ribbon