Following the cessation of hostilities, a joint assessment committee made up of Army and Navy personnel, JANAC for short, began sifting through the Japanese operational records in an attempt to compile their merchant and man-of-war losses.  Through this research, first published in 1947, a picture of WAHOO's last actions began to emerge.  Including the steamer reported sunk by Domei, Morton and WAHOO were credited with sinking four ships:
  • MASAKI MARU #2; 1,238 tons - September 29
  • KONRON MARU; 8000 tons - October 5
  • KANKO MARU; 1,283 tons - October 6
  • HANKOW MARU; 2,995 tons - October 9
    The final tabulation by JANAC awarded Morton with 19 official sinkings for an accumulated total of 55,000 tons of enemy shipping.  This figure adjusted his wartime confirmed sinkings up from 17 to tie him with Captain Slade Cutter of SEAHORSE for second highest scoring U.S. skipper of the war.