Following her arrival at Brisbane, Captain Kennedy reported the successful sinking of two ships:
  • KAMOI MARU; freighter; 5355 tons - December 10, 1942
  • I-2; submarine; 2000 tons - December 14, 1942
    WAHOO received credit for these sinkings from ComSubPac and Kennedy was awarded the Silver Star medal.  He, in turn, requested special commendations be given to Grider, O'Kane, Paine and Morton for their participation in the attack on December 14.  They were awarded to each man.
    JANAC's conclusions were not as supportive.  The freighter was credited to WAHOO but Japanese corroboration of the sinking of submarine I-2 could not be found.  This is an extreme example of disparity between wartime claims and peacetime analysis.  The fire control party observed the target, identified it by it's markings, closed to within 800 yards, observed a torpedo hit, watched the target sink with crew on the bridge, heard it implode on sound and received no counterattack from the enemy vessel.  But the incident could not be found in the available Japanese records.  Again, WAHOO lost credit for her efforts.

Silver Star ribbon