Sister of HARUSAME
Line drawings of Shiratsuyu-class destroyer of the type encountered by Wahoo off Wewak, New Guinea.
Sixth fish is the charm!
January 24, 1943 - Japanese destroyer Harusame, commanded by Captain Masao Kamiyama, broken in two and beached off Mushu Island, New Guinea. Note crew lining deck as described by Morton in Report of Third War Patrol.
Passing aid to adrift refugees
January 25, 1943 - Morton orders aid to be given to refugees found adrift in an open boat having fled from Japanese forces.
February 26, 1943 - Action! Putting innovation into practice, O'Kane makes the periscope observations as Captain Morton cons the boat and follows the attack on the TDC.
Mush at work on a convoy
January 26, 1943 - Wahoo's fire control party at work in the conning tower. Gunnery & Torpedo Officer Roger Paine follows the developing solution on the Torpedo Data Computer mounted on the bulkhead. Captain Morton checks the progress on a hand held "Is-Was" which is out of frame.
Like ants off a hot plate - Mush Morton
January 26, 1943 - Japanese Transport Buyo Maru torpedoed and sinking during "Running gun and torpedo battle". Troops can be seen crowding the decks (in Morton's words, "like ants off a hot plate"). Light objects on fore and aft well decks could be tarpaulined boats.
Destroyer gunning, WAHOO running!
January 27, 1943 - Wahoo's Control Room during "Destroyer gunning, Wahoo running" engagement. The boat has dived and is running silent. A string of depth charges has just exploded. Note the Planesman's shaved head from the "crossing-the-line" ceremony of days before.
January 28, 1943 - A periscope observation of the Japanese phosphorite works on Fais Island. Morton planned to shell the works but the untimely appearance of an inter-island steamer with a rather large deck gun precluded the attack. Instead, they made for Pearl Harbor.
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