February 7, 1943 - Wahoo returns to Pearl Harbor a celebrity. Film crews, photographers, brass band and brass hats turned out for a raucous celebration. 
David Veder stands watch as starboard lookout, Hank Henderson is on the bridge, Richard O'Kane on the fairwater afterdeck, and (left to right) Fred Chisolm, Earl Holman, Alfred Simonetti and Roy Whiting are at the rails below.  Note the string of victory flags and pennant flying from the SD radar mast and broom tied to the #2 periscope signifying "clean sweep" (SJ radar and mast have been censored).Click image for full view.
This photo of O'Kane and Morton ran on front pages of newspapers across the country. Years later, when asked about Morton's words at the captured moment, O'Kane attributed him as saying "Tenacity, Dick.  Stay with 'em 'til they're on the bottom!"
Another angle of Dick and Mush. This photo gives a hint of the strain imposed on Morton by command in combat.Click image for full view
With word of her success preceding her, the Navy unleashed a victory hungry press on Wahoo. Here, Captain Morton holds forth to an eager group of war correspondants at Pearl Harbor.
Morton gives details of the Wewak attack to the press. On the wall is a map of New Guinea, in his hands is a small chart of the Wewak roadstead.
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