April 25, 1943 - Lt. Commander John A. "Johnny" Moore made his PCO run during Wahoo's fifth patrol. He proved himself to be a capable and aggressive officer, motivated at least in part by the fact his younger brother had been captured by the Japanese. Following this patrol, Moore went from Wahoo to command of Grayback. He conducted two outstanding patrols before being lost with all hands on February 27, 1944 during Grayback's tenth to a coordinated air and surface attack.

May 5, 1943 - Wahoo returns to Mare Island following her fifth patrol. With crew wearing dress blues and all flags flying she nears the pier. Note the deck gun arrangement has changed again to a 3" gun aft and three 20mm on the fairwater and forward. Courtesy Steve Reichmuth, Tom Anderson & Jack Kocher. 
Turning to starboard, Wahoo's full array of trophies can be seen: a life ring from the Nitsu Maru hangs on the SJ radar, Morton's "Battle Cry" pennant flies from scope #1, twin Nitsu Maru house flags and two strands of kill flags hang from the SD mast, an "Indian Head" battle flag hangs from the fairwater. Wahoo's unique retention of four original deadlights can be seen below the bridge spray deflector. Courtesy Steve Reichmuth, Tom Anderson & Jack Kocher. 
Replica of Wahoo's "Indian Head" battle flag on display at ComSubPac headquarters at Pearl Harbor. Design was personally conceived and constructed by Captain Morton. Courtesy Jeff Porteous. 
May 5, 1943 - An unidentified Captain chats with Morton following his reunion with his father and wife Harriet. Courtesy Steve Reichmuth, Tom Anderson & Jack Kocher. 
May 5, 1943 - Admiral William J. Friedell, Commander of the Mare Island Naval Shipyard, congratulates Lt. Cdr. O'Kane as his wife Ernestine and children look on. Courtesy Steve Reichmuth, Tom Anderson & Jack Kocher. 
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