September 1943 - Last known crew photo from Wahoo. The inscription on the back of the original reads "Bailey, George Meisch Lt, John Campbell Ens, Brown-, Finch En". From the personal effects of Ensign Donald Brown. Courtesy of Thomas Clark.

La Perouse Strait - This present day view from GoogleEarth shows the area of Wahoo's final action. Named after the French explorer, La Perouse is the narrow passage between the tip of Russia's Sakhalin Island at the top and Japan's Hokkaido at the bottom. Rebun Jima is to the left.

October 11, 1943 (1430 hours) - Observed by an attacking patrol plane, Wahoo lives out her final hours in La Perouse Strait. Looking south, the oil slick issuing from her hull can be seen stretching across the surface from right to left (west to east). Three Japanese ships can be seen. The one on the far right is making another depth charge run at Wahoo's position beneath the head of the slick.This thumbnail is from one of two photos discovered by Bryan Mackinnon's research assistant, Keiko Takada, in the Japan National Institute for Defense Studies archives. Click on the image to view Bryan's full presentation. Courtesy Bryan Mackinnon, image © Japan National Institute for Defense Studies.

October 11, 1943 - Another aerial view of the action in La Perouse Strait looking west-northwest. Two ships cruise slowly through Wahoo's slick while a third closes on the originating point. Courtesy Bryan Mackinnon, image © Japan National Institute for Defense Studies.

May 12, 1945 - Daughter Edwina, Mrs. Harriet Morton and son Douglas attend the dedication of Morton Hall at the U.S. Submarine Base in Groton, CT. The facility, named in honor of the late Cdr. Dudley "Mush" Morton, served as the base gymnasium. Read about the dedication ceremony...

Morton Hall, U.S. Submarine Base, Groton, CT - A recent photo of the building. Note six-inch gun on lawn taken from USS Narwhal (SS-167).

Wahoo, Nebraska - This torpedo and bronze plaque serves as a memorial to Wahoo and those lost on October 11, 1943. SS-238's memory was entrusted to the state of Nebraska by the U.S. Sub Vets of WWII organization. Courtesy of Bruce Styer & Brian MacKinnon.

September 9, 1995 - The WAHOO PEACE MEMORIAL was dedicated at Cape Soya, Japan.  A joint project between the US SubVets of WWII and a Japanese WWII veterans organization, the project was spearheaded by Mr. George Logue, brother of FC1 Robert B. Logue who lost his life on Wahoo. Located overlooking LaPerouse Straight, by viewing through the slot beneath the ball one can see the location of SS-238's final resting place.
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