Although no ships were sunk on her second war patrol, Tang did set a record. During lifeguard operations off Truk she successfully rescued twenty-two naval aviators who crash landed at sea during naval air strikes against that island. The rescued fliers were:
Owen Fred Asbrun, AMM2/c
Robert T. Barbor, Lt. (jg)
Richard L. Bentley, AOM2/c
John A. Burns, Lt. (jg) 
James G. Cole, Lt. (jg)
John Joseph Dowdle, Jr., Lt.
Carroll L. Farrell, Ens., USNR 
Harry B. Gemmell, ARM2/c 
Joseph Daniel Gendron, AMM2/c
Aubrey James Gill, ARM2/c
Robert William Gruebel, AMM1/c
Harry Edwin Hill, Lt.
Robert Edwin Hill, ARM2/c
Joseph Hranek, ARM2/c
Robert F. Kanze, Lt. (jg) 
Donald Kirkpatrick Jr., Lt. 
James J. Lenahan, ARM2/c
James L. Livingston, ARM1/c 
A. R. Matter, Cdr.
Robert S. Nelson, Lt.
Scott Scammell II, Lt. (jg)
H. A. Thompson, AOM2/c
   For Tang's actions, conducted in enemy held waters under the nose of Japanese shore batteries, this patrol was designated successful and each crewman was awarded the submarine combat pin.